How To Win In Business As A Dog Trainer.

What makes your dog training business different from your competitors?

Why would anyone wanting to get their dog trained hire you vs the endless supply of competing dog trainers out there? 

You offer the “best” dog training….well yea, according to them, so do they…

You have years of experience…well so do they…

What sets you apart as a dog trainer? Can you clearly answer this question right now? And most importantly does your audience know?

If your like the majority of dog trainers out there, this question wasn’t that easy to answer. After working with and analyzing dozens of dog training business I consistently saw that many offer nothing unique to the marketplace. 

If you and 5 other dog trainers were lined up side-by-side in a room and I brought in a random person needing dog training and asked each of you to state one quick introduction like on why this person should hire you. What would you say that would clearly

Your USP

This is where your USP comes in. A USP in business stands for “unique selling proposition”.  Your UPS is the #1 primary reason that anyone should hire you over your competitor.

Can you successfully answer this question?

From my research, many dog trainers either 1) didn’t have one or 2) weren’t saying anything other than “we offer dog training”.

With that said, if was in search for a dog trainer and I happened to run across your brand online what would make me want to hire you?

Maybe you offer better results.

Maybe you offer a faster service.

Maybe you offer a strong guarantee.

Developing a strong UPS can definitely help your business grow and attract more high-quality leads.

What a USP is NOT.

A UPS is not a catch phrase or even slogan.  

“Because I’m better” or “ We’re #1” 

A great UPS is quickly and easily understood! 

It says how you are different than the rest.

It avoids hype.

How To Create Your UPS For Your Dog Training Company.

As I’ve stated before it’s simply about finding what you offer that’s different and what sets you apart from your competition.  The first step is to recognize who are the top go to dog trainers that you are competing against. Visit their website, social media pages and/or look at their branding.

What are they all staying? What are they all doing? How can you take their messages and IMPROVE on it.  A few examples are maybe to offering a faster result, a better guarantee, or better pricing option. (Tip: Look at reducing your fee the very last option when determining your USP. I’m not a fan of always leveraging price when it comes to comparing yourself to another. There are so many other ways to set yourself apart. Get creative and really understand what you can do, say or give a customer that would instantly make them want to hire you NOW).

One you develop a strong UPS the next step is to make sure you are continually sharing it out to your audience.  Let everyone know how and why you are different. This will help distinguish your company out of the 99% that scream the same message.

Never again compete on pricing. By uniquely differentiating yourself with a strong message you’re removing yourself from that “generalist” dog trainer category that purely complete on pricing which then means lowering your fee. No one wants to compete on pricing (unless your Walmart). 

Homework for today. What new or revised message can you start broadcasting to the world about why your dog training business is unique, better and different than the rest? Become that purple cow amongst the sea of black and white cows out there in the world that makes you different and clearly recognized.