Case Study:  Client Name Hidden for Contractual Reasons

In February 2020, this were contact by this client who ran a successful dog training company locally in his area. He had a team of trainers and was currently was generated a majority of his customers through word of mouth and referrals.

He was currently doing some digital marketing with another firm who just wasn’t producing any great results. He has us take a look at his business online to see what could be improved for the better.

He has a website however it was very under optimized and poorly designed. His website organically was ranking for his many keywords “dog training + city” on page 2 and beyond in Google. His Google Maps listing wasn’t optimized and also was producing under par results. He was running PPC (Google paid ads) but these campaigns weren’t producing great results. 

The Canine Accelerator marketing team took over the product fully and the results we’ve helped produce this client has been phenomenal!  The client’s goal was to produce more inbound dog training leads specifically more board and train leads and were able to accomplish this!

Today we’ve helped his dog training business grow from generating 10 dog training leads a month  to around 100+ a month!

These new dog training leads vary from different services from customers seeking board and train to private to aggression and more.

This was accomplished by:

  1. Optimizing his website for conversions. Turning his website into a powerful digital salesman that works 24/7 and converts anyone interested in dog training to contact them now.

  2. Improving organic Google ranking for his website and Google maps. The client ranked #18 in Google for “dog training + city”. We got him ranking #2 which drastically improved traffic in his local area!

  3. Grown google traffic and impressions over 400% since starting campaign! Which results in a lot more traffic of people seeking dog training.


The growth has allowed this client to cherry pick clients they clearly want to work with and avoiding the dreaded feast or famine cycle that many dog trainers are hit with.