Location: San Francisco,CA •  Metro Population: 7 Million +  • Market Competitiveness: Extremely Tough


Spectrum Canine, a dog training company located in the Bay Area of California. They reached out to us toward the end of 2019 looking for help in growing their dog training business online to reach more customers. The market was very tough especially in a metro population of at least 7+ million people with 100’s of competing dog trainers.

Spectrum Canine’s internet presence was very weak during this time. Their website lacked design, content and elements. Their SEO presence was literally non existent and did not rank for any local dog training terms.

Their Google Maps listing was also under par and ranked poorly when searching for a dog trainer in the areas they serviced.

They were running paid ad campaigns (PPC) however they were poorly executed and created ineffectively. The campaigns were bleeding money.  They were literally getting zero traffic and maybe a hand full of leads online.

Their Vision:

Spectrum Canine wanted professional help in helping improve their overall internet presence online. They wanted to reaching more customers needing dog training services in the areas they serviced around the Bay Area. 

Our Accomplishments Today: 

• We helped them go from a handful of dog training leads a month to over 165+ leads a monthly consistently month after month!

• Increase Google organic traffic by 550%

• Successfully ranked their website for dozens of top-dollar dog training keywords in Google.

• Broke into the top of Google search results for extremely competitive keywords such as “bay area dog training” and more.

• Increase their Google Maps (GMB) listing in many of the top 3 spots locally for keywords such as “dog trainer near me”. 

• Revamped website to entirely and turn it into an online salesman that converted traffic into leads.

• Restructured paid ad campaigns to help go from losing advertising dollars to turning a profit each and every day for every dollar spent! 

• Setup simple yet effective retargeting ads that help bring back more traffic and leads. 

• Helped create their brand as an authority in their local market space.

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